“Suzanne is the best legal nurse consultant I have ever had the pleasure working with. She is knowledgeable, experienced, and organized. I worked with her directly on numerous cases over many years and found that she is not only extremely capable of performing the technical aspects of medical summaries, but also was great dealing with clients. She worked with me on cases involving clients who had major injuries and who had gone through extensive treatment. Her work product is exemplary and always timely and well-organized. I would highly recommend her and will continue to use her as our legal nurse consultant.”

Matthew S. Da Vega Esq., Da Vega Fisher Mechtenberg, LLP


"Suzanne has provided legal nurse consulting services for my organizations in the past. She is extremely professional, thorough, and organized. Her appeals to insurance carriers for medical necessity denials were well written. She was even able to convince one major carrier to change the company policy on medical necessity guidelines for a particular procedure based on her research and written appeal. I would highly recommend Suzanne."

Justin E. Myers Esq., V.P. of Operations, Alegis Revenue Group, LLC


"I worked closely with Suzanne on a multi-million dollar litigation for several years where she was the lead legal nurse consultant. Suzanne completed medical record reviews, researched the medical literature, and successfully located one of the medical experts. She has a thorough understanding of the intersection of medical and legal issues. Suzanne consistently executed her work with a high level of skill and attention to detail while demonstrating excellent professional judgement."

Mark Chalos, Esq., Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann, & Bernstein


"Suzanne has worked with me on several personal injury cases. She played a vital role in identifying and evaluating the economic damages, analyzing medical causation issues, and providing me with detailed chronologies. She has also educated me on diagnosis and treatment of uncommon medical conditions. Suzanne’s work has increased my firm’s ability to master medical-legal issues early in the litigation process in a way that is both efficient and cost effective."

Todd P. Emanuel, Esq., Emanuel Law Group