Questions To Consider in Relation to Your Medical Cases

Think of all the medical-legal case files that are on your desk right now. There is much to consider... Some areas to think about...

  1. Are you certain the case has merit? Would you like to have a clinician review it to determine this?
  2. Are you aware of all the health care providers who have been treating your client?
  3. Does the client's medical history have bearing on this case?
  4. Do you have all the relevant medical records needed for this case?
  5. What is the actual time frame you have to work within?
  6. How will you organize the medical records? Should bate stamping be done? If so, now or later?
  7. Who will organize the records? Do they have a medical background?
  8. Do you fully understand the medical terminology, abbreviations, and the medical issues behind this terminology?
  9. Are you and/or your staff familiar with the policies and procedures that are present within a medical office, hospital, home health care, and/or nursing home?
  10. Who are all the parties to be named in this case? Have all the bases been covered (Physicians, Nurses, other clinicians, facilities, entities, prior history, etc) ?
  11. Do you have the time to search for the most appropriate experts?
  12. Do you have the most appropriate experts for this case?
  13. Would you like a medically knowledgeable expert available throughout the case, from beginning to end?